Reasons to quit

11:22 PM

Life is so full of reasons to quit even the most successful venture, effort, trial, relationship.
The fight, perhaps of life, is to buck these obstacles and push forward to a goal, an end. Or to recognize when you have been beat, outnumbered, or wasting energy on the wrong path entirely.
- July 15, 2014 (Blue peacock journal)

{ a gorgeous fruit
picked a little too soon
leaves a sour taste in your mouth
always better to wait }
- back cover

{I wonder, does even the ground shudder
in the bitterness of winter and dream
of warmer days ahead? do the grasses,
bushes, trees and flowers shiver, anticipate
the sun of spring or just resolve to soon
be taller, bright instead? Do they
count the days until the blossom or
pine for birds and bees? or do they
only let the seasons pass however they please?}
- February 7, 2015

but truth, a mammoth eclipse looms,
and dwarfs the bandage with the wound
- uncertain date

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