Sleepy time

12:52 AM

While searching for an iPhone app to make some peaceful noise to lull me to sleep, I stumbled upon the Sleep Cycle Alarm. I almost never pay for apps, but after reading the overwhelmingly ++ reviews, I had to buy. Call me a sucker.
You start the app right before bed and place your phone face down next to your pillow. It uses the iPhone's vibrometer to measure your movements and determine your light and heavy sleep cycles in order to wake you up with an alarm during the lightest phase of sleep so you feel refreshed and not groggy.

Also, it charts your sleep through the night which is just plain interesting. I'm not going to lie, when that alarm came on I felt good. I'm a morning person so alarms don't send me into a second hibernation, but I don't exactly pop out of bed either. I recommend Gymnopedie as your wake up alarm. Just try being tense listening to this.

I'm so sold.

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