The complete office

11:37 PM

At last, the painted, cleaned and de-cluttered office/dressing room of my rented dreams has come true. 

Recognize this hot mess? 

Here we are now:

In place of the original wood paneling is a productive shade of blue, as Davis calls it. New gold silk thermal drapes form the reading corner I can't live without. The best part is my reading chair, unburied from the former heap of linens and laundry. 

This chubby lil seat has been with me for 7 years now, a joint purchase with my old roomie Emms Magee (my nickname for her). We found a set of two on eBay and decided we couldn't live without them. Were they worth $300 a pop plus freight? No, but I learned a valuable lesson there, and I have never spent more than $100 on any given piece of furniture, no matter how much I love it. 

Quick rundown from left to right

- Console table (Pier1), originally $200 purchased on sale as a gift so technically free
- TV stand (location & price unknown), a gift
- Round mirror (TJMaxx), $20
- Four-drawer chest (antique), $60
- Egyptian art work and 2 Japanese prints (The Orange Peel), $14-20 each
- Woven folding screen and white lamp (The Emporium), $40 & $24 respectively
Previous photo:
- Eurosham pillow case (Anthropologie), $14 on sale
- Drapes (TJMaxx), $60 total for 2 sets of 2 panels each

That's way more than I like to spend for curtains, but with our hot summers, they will pay for themselves in energy bill savings.

And yes, I do get an unusual amount of furniture as gifts, mostly from my sweet mother. She finds out what I am missing, then finds it on sale and calls to let me know it's a gift from her to celebrate fill-in-the-blank significant event, but "don't tell Dad." She works hard to earn her money, and it amazes me how happy it makes her to spend it on her family, especially in a savvy, frugal way. Because of her, I am a master deal-hunter in training, and I hope to be as generous as she one day.

One last thing: the television and stand will probably have to go all together. I never watch it. I keep telling myself I'll watch work out vids in here and get super fit or something like that, but that definitely hasn't happened.

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