Things to do

7:56 AM

  • Eat breakfast, girl! 
  • Enjoy making silly things for dear friends.
  • Write letters. Can I send you one? 
  • Listen to music. Gave up on music for far too long. Let's reconnect. 
  • Nevermind the idea that professional contacts will stumble across this silly blog. Grown ups can blog too. 
  • Reconnect with your best friends. 
  • Let it out. 
  • Be embarassed. 
  • Clean for a living. 
  • Facebook for a living. 
  • Laugh at the absurdities of 'making a living.' 
  • Shout obscenities at the sky. Later apologize. 
  • Let your neighbors hear, but never see, you cry.
  • Go to New Orleans. 
  • Go to Austin. 
  • Go to Colorado. 
  • Go to Canada. 
  • Go to Mexico. Just a little.  
  • Have a little unrequited love. Check. 
  • Listen to every version of "Somebody that I used to know" imaginable. Especially the bad ones. 
  • Go to showers! Host showers! Take showers! 
  • Remake the bucket list. 
  • Take jogs. 
  • Take walks. 
  • Take stock. 
  • Drink lots of chai. No coffee!
  • Talk to Mom. Listen.
  • Ride bikes. 
  • Eat brunches, but not so much that you grow to hate poached eggs.
  • Let the little things that annoy you about hipsters go. This is the hardest one. 
  • Balance your checkbook girl! 
  • Lana del Rey.
  • The idler wheel is wiser than the driver of the screw and whipping cords will serve you more than ropes will ever do. 
  • Turn it up. 
  • Make friends with a Kleenex. 
  • Wish someone a heartfelt happy birthday. 
  • Let yourself float in space, astronaut. 
  • Dress up for work to impress the boss, when you're her. 
  • Hug your business partner. 
  • Kiss your friends goodbye daily. You never know.
  • Get on the roof more. 
  • Sleep on the sidewalk more. 
  • Carry on the search for the perfect hammock. 
  • And the perfect hot tub
  • Take more mental pictures of the sunset. Delete the things that take up good space.
  • Slow dance. 
  • Take better care. Not like Drake. 
  • Embrace scars. Rock 'em.
  • Give Nancy Drew a flea bath so you can share a bed with her again. Miss my four-legged pillow. 
 The beauty of hurt is that eventually it doesn't. You start with a pain so loud you can't do much else but indulge it. It slowly becomes a dull ache, and some unfathomable day later, it is at last a mere memory. At least, this is what I think I recall happens. See?
  • Get there. 
  • Don't be a fool. Except in the company of closest friends.

    That's probably enough to do.

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