In prep for the end of the world

10:46 AM

We're now 20 days out from the end of the Mayan calendar. Personally, I'm convinced that Walmart and Apple are the key players at the center of that apocalyptic conspiracy theory. Regardless, if things do get hairy, our digital documents will be the most likely survivors and I'll be terribly embarrassed that my last blog post is from July. Unacceptable, even if I am dead/zombie'd/living in a cave.

 This past year has been a Katrina-grade whirlwind, professionally speaking. My roles over the last 12 months included, but weren't limited to: REALTOR, PR consultant, promoter, recruiter, fundraiser, editor, event planner, marketer, spokesperson, stylist, entrepreneur, bookkeeper, webmaster, landlord, and maid.
For real.

I won't lie--it hasn't been perfect. When you've stuffed your 100th lanyard at 1 a.m., you can actually feel the grey hair start to creep in. Not to mention the random eye injuries. However, there is always this consolation, this motivation for waking up every morning.

Honestly: there is no greater reward for working for yourself than working for yourself.

Besides, I'm not alone!
Thankfully, I've got business partners. And a support network that puts Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants to shame. And a mother who prays for me incessantly.
And an amazing boyfriend.
And red wine.
And this little mess to take care of.

I recognize how much of a cat lady it makes me
to watch cat videos with my cat. In bed.

Anyway, re: 12/21/12, who is up for a tacky sweater/dirty Santa/survival exchange/zombie party? 
This girl.

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