Halloween 2013

11:50 PM

T-minus 4 days to our favorite party of the year at the Corinne complex, and really the only thing we invite nearly the whole town to attend. Costumes are mandatory, dance moves are recommended.
Whitney will be making these treats:
Candy Corn Jello Shots

So far, a few of the costumes in attendance:

  • Cast of Golden Girls 
  • Leonardo (TMNT, not the artist or DiCaprio) & Raphael
  • Ginger Jacque (Lazy Magnolia pinup) 
  • Dr. Who  
  • Day of the Dead entourage 
  • Lara Croft 
  • Oscar the Grouch 
 And a few I hope show up:

  • Miley (Wrecking Ball Miley, not VMA Miley) 
  • RuPaul 
  • Sharknado 
  • Jiminy Cricket (Because we need a voice of reason) 
  • Shredder & Splinter 
  • Good ole fashioned ghost 
  • Grumpy Cat - Hot Dog 
  • Cast of Village People's YMCA 
  • An Oregon Trail 
  • Ted 
  • Spy vs. Spy 
Even the most crudely made costumes impress and excite me. We all get to step away from our normal roles and attire for at least a few hours or until the body paint melts. Also, these candy corn shots are to die for!

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