Headed West.

8:21 PM

We're leaving tomorrow a..m. on a cross country road trip. So naturally this morning I decided to get sick. I spent the better part of today not prepping for this journey, not facing my mountain of laundry from the last trip (I've been living from a suitcase since November), and really not moving from the confines of a 2 sweaters, 2 blankets and a fat cat for extra warmth. Despite all this and a thermostat reading 77 degrees hot, my fever had me convinced that I was adrift on an iceberg in Antarctica. The fever finally broke this afternoon so that I could be the tiniest bit productive.

Yay that I will finally be visiting my cousin Matt who has been living in Vail, Colorado for at least the past 8 years, and maybe a looot longer, I have lost track. And my other cousin, his younger brother Mike who is a year older than me, is now living there as well since this past summer. I'll also get to go skiing for the second time. The first happened this past weekend in Gatlinburg with much disaster, many bruises. Basically, don't expect any amazing uploads to YouTube from a GoPro. I do wish I could have seen my final wipeout on the mountain in slow motion. Over and over again. It was pretty epic from all accounts.

It feels crazy to plan to be gone this length of time. Actually, I haven't taken a trip this long since.. I was a kid. Except for some music festivals and maybe a trip to Austin, TX, my last real vacation was in 2010 with some of my best girlfriends. We met in San Francisco and toured wine country. But even that was only 5 days. Roadtrips in general are a real test of patience for me, especially on this 22+ hr drive. Four of us are leaving tomorrow and hopefully four of us come back!

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