#30before30 update

2:15 AM

Where we going, Chief? 
How is this quest for a unique 365 days going? Pretty darn good.
It's a little imbalanced at the moment. I have held a lot more baby animals than I have buried time capsules, for instance. But this is only month #1.

As a result of making this list, I find myself wanting to push the limits and DO things that aren't on the list at all. Like camp constantly.

I only camped for the first time a few months ago when we went to a Toyota Jamboree in Nowhere, Texas. First the first time, I was able to sleep in a tent that's been in my family, unused, since I was at least a freshman in high school. It was a dangerous introduction. Not the actual camping experience, but how it made me fall a little bit in love with the idea of being homeless.

(Do not get me wrong-- I am so grateful for my launchpad. Four walls and a cat are pretty crucial to my daily grind. But if I ever had to walk away, at least I already have a tent. And now I know how to use it.)

My mom reminded me the other day that when I was little, I would take a handkerchief, stuff it full of plastic toy food, tie it to the end of a kid sized broomstick and say, "Ok bye, I'm going home now." It was pretty perplexing to her since I was always already home. Or at least I was at my address.

Home is where the ___________ is.

Then last weekend, I floated from Ocean Springs to Deer Island with a small crew. A two-hour float to the place that all the mutant, gigantic horseflies must have once been exiled to. Every bite worth it, just to fall asleep around a fire telling stories, jokes, playing cards, and waking up to the sunrise. That morning I hopped out of the tent and grabbed a fishing pole--they had been dancing all around us on the float to the island--and a big blue crab scuttled under Drew's boat. He was so large it sounded like someone was knocking on a door. He stared at me with big angry eyes and for a minute I felt like I had really invaded his personal space.

That's the beauty of nature, it belongs to no one.

Nobody caught any fish, but we did have a cluster of dolphins tease us on the way home. I really wanted to, but I didn't put Touch a wild dolphin on my #30before30 list only because it just seems a bit wrong. I just squealed at them instead. I'm fine with only getting to squeal at dolphins. 

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