We have puppies!

7:00 AM

Meet Paco Bear!

It started as an honest pool day, proper blistering sun peeking through predicted clouds. We made plans to play out at Brook's apartment pool.

Coincidentally, the complex was having an adoption day.
We were supposed to just look at the puppies. But then I held him. And his arms went full penguin pose. And his little pink ears were all spotty. And that breath!

I have been wanting a dog to time with my move from the Corinne plex, so this was not a total left field move, but it was still random and a tad scary.

Brook sealed the deal by saying if you get him, I have to get his brother so they aren't split up. I'm thinking, how can we not then?! We work in the same office, they can see each other every day while they are still small! She named him Spence and though they are brothers, he's much taller than shorty squirt Paco.

Oh and they were discounted buy one get one half off, which is weird to say about a dog, but a sale's a sale.

We were able to take them home that day, already fixed, which never happens. We bought matching bow tie collars, pack-and-play pens for the offices and all the grain-free puppy kibble they will need for a while. Who have I become?? 

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