Keeping secrets and getting hitched

10:40 PM

Is for the birds.
In regards to my little secret- every time someone unexpected calls me I panic, thinking my cover is blown. I think I'm pretty tense. Just a few more days.

In other news one of my best friends from college gets hitched in Nashville this weekend. It will be a reunion straight out of 2005. And that leaves just a slim few of us who haven't tied the knot. I've been in a relationship for four years, but we're in no hurry. Almost everyone I know who's married is miserable and poor. Not really a selling point.

One of my dear friends turned 66 today! I don't usually hang out with senior citizens, but then again I work full-time in a retirement town. I was in a room full of people saying 50 is the new 40, and adjusting glasses on the bridge of their nose to take drunken photos. I'm pretty sure I'll act like that when I'm that age. I can only hope.

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  1. Wait, what secret? Are you referring to your job change situation? I thought you were eluding to an elopement! .... I love seniors!


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