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I am officially the worst blogger ever. Maybe you'll understand why when you see this photo of my soon-to-be home office. It's the second bedroom in my 1950's apartment that I've been using as a closet/dressing room and quasi office. (And when I say 1950's, I mean the complex was built then, not that I have decorated it adorably with influence from that time period. Puh-lease.)

The biggest issue with this office is that I'm never motivated to go in there and do work. I always end up in the living room so Davis and I can chat while I write. Or on days when the weather is as lovely as today, I'll set up shop on our tiny front porch, with Nancy Drew looking out the window over my shoulder.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly tumultuous, with the public announcement of my job change and starting work (ever so slowly) on my new side business, not to mention life's usual distractions.
So, please pardon my mess, but under this dreadful pile of clothing and paperwork is a room with some real productivity potential. I am posting it for all the world to judge as motivation to redesign the space into something worth showing off. Ahh, help!

(Excuse the tilted appearance and blur--had to seam 5 photos together using Dermandar.)

Since taking those pics this morning, I have put up all the clothing where it needs to go.
Then I made a list of all the functions that this room needs to achieve.

Now I'm basically Googling creative solutions to all these needs and seeing how all the pieces can fit together in this 10' 9" x 12' 7" space.
Next time, I'll draw out my plans and hopefully by early May, I'll have a brand new room. Any suggestions on paint color?

Oh, I almost forgot! The secret from previous posts is that I got a new job, working finally in the city where I live. I will be able to bike to work!

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  1. Ah, secret revealed... And, uh, good luck with the room! ;)


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