A round of applause

1:08 AM

Something unexpected happened this morning. On a whim, I attended the 9 a.m. city council meeting, partly because it will be the last one before I wrap up my current job (in 6 days!!) and also because I wanted to inform the council members that we received a grant to purchase more energy efficient street lamp bulbs for the main street through historic downtown.
While I waited for a chance to speak, the councilman whose ward is occupied by downtown said some very kind words about me and the program I've been administering for the past three years, then he asked the room to join him in applauding me.
I got choked up! And that never happens over something in real life, only finales of my favorite shows or those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan.
No matter how exasperated I have gotten with that small town, Laurel has always managed to be worth it. Three years of sweat and tears aren't regained with a few seconds of applause, but it was certainly a kind gesture that I'll remember fondly.

Without my current, fading position, I would never have been given a shot at the new job. I'm grateful for all the steps it has taken to form this dance, even if the rhythm is a little erratic.

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