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7:44 AM

I have to document this moment. Physically, it's hellaciously hot July in South Mississippi. Metaphysically, it's a summer of massive change. Like finding myself back in a cocoon, when I didn't know I wasn't already a butterfly. Apparently I am overdue for new wings.
In light of all the change, I've been playing a lot this summer, maybe more than in the last few years combined. It has been clutch to lean on my oldest most trusted girlfriends and to rebuild a new circle too. If not for all these strong, passionate women in my life, starting with my incredible momma, I might have just settled for a summer slump. Instead, we've all been making infamous memories and writing chapters of our best seller.

With all the action, I've been more than a little distracted from my original vision for this summer, which was to take on the project that I was meant to tackle while living in Hattiesburg. And by meant to, I mean God tattooed it on my spine. If I've learned anything this summer, it's not to count your chickens early--a valuable lesson for a chronic planner like me. But if you're in my circle, you know what's been simmering at the back of my mind since last year, and thanks to you, I'm about to crank it to a boil. It's true, you can't stand and stare at the water waiting for the first sign of a bubble. You have to walk away from it, and by the time you've started to forget your hunger, you'll hear the splatter of hot water hitting the stovetop. And by then, you can't ignore it.

This is that moment, the first splash that sends you running, and instantly reminds you of your gameplan that probably needs tweaking. It's urgent and panicked. And then all your experiences that have shaped you for this moment start to kick in and before you know it, you're cooking like the pro you were meant to be. It's not even about the meal anymore.

All this to say, it's finally going to happen and I'm not giving myself a way out. But since a credits page won't be in order yet, I want to pay tribute to all the folks who have pushed, pulled and held me up the last 3 months, some much much longer.

Thelma Lee, my rock, my angel and the woman I hope to be one day. Thank God we share blood
My girls Rosie & Courtney, who keep it moving and never once judged my tears
Brook, my favorite bedmate who is learning all these lessons with me
Adam & Jenn, who are never afraid to call me out but always have my back
Robyn & Jhoesel, my north and my south who always pick up the phone
Steph, my voice of sharp reason
April, my oldest bestie who knows me at best and worst and loves me anyway

If I could bottle you all and keep you around my neck I would. Thanks for hanging around.
The best is yet to come

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  1. Sounds like your Saturn Return has begun or something... Ever read about it? Wiki has a very nice introduction and here's a more speculative, woowooish, astrological (gasp) undertaking: http://www.elizabethspring.com/Saturn_Return.html

    The key is to make the best yet to come.


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